Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drop, Little April Showers.

Well it has been since Febuary that I have posted any thing on my blog. So I will try to catch you all up on our lives not much has happened or has been really exciting has happened to us since then. kyro competed in 2 dance festivals this year in april one in Medicine Hat and one in Lethbridge her class got gold in both so that was awsome she did such a great job. she is loving ballet and has grown so much since she was in california her technique is becoming so much better she will probally be going to montreal next summer for a dance camp where she can learn more technique. this next fall she will be taking jazz along with ballet she also wants to do a solo's for the festivals for both classes so it will be very busy here for us then. As for dj he is doing pretty good he will be testing for his 2 belt which would be his yellow belt come may 14 so that is exciting for us he is loving school and it has been such a great challenge for him as the idaho school system was not challenging him enough. he had his birthday on the 27 of march in which case he was also baptized that day also so it was a busy day. he had a science expirment party in whch case the kids got to try out many different experiments so that was completly different but fun as he had lots of friends there and family and cousins. for easter we ended up having a easter party with kevins family where we danced and decorated eggs and had a easter egg hunt it was alot of fun.Matt on the other hand is growing like a weed his head comes now to the top of the height of the cabinets in our house it worries me as I am not ready for him to grow up so fast on me. but I know it is coming up quick. we have been trying to potty train him but he has no interest but he will wear the under wear so he is coming along. as for me well just hanging in there it sure seems like the trials in my life are never ending and that is okay with me my back has gotten worse and I now have to go for physio.I thought at one point I had dibetes but thankfully enough the test came back negitive so I will just go on day to day. As for the status on our new home it has not gone anywhere we are still waiting for the land to be approved for a subdivision and we have been waiting on that for almost 5 months now so it is very unlikly we will be in our new house by sept. but that is okay as it has happened again as the lord has placed us in a area where we are needed. you see there is a family here in our subdivision that there has been suspected abuse going on in the house and they have a 14 yr old girl and a 12 yr old boy who for the past month have been going to mutual and they are also planning on going and participating in camp they are really excited we have seen quite a difference in them since they started going they are happier and it is awsome. we are going to ask them this weekend if they want to go to church with us and we will also bring a mothers day gift to their parents if the parents don't want to go. me and kevin feel like nothing will start to work out until this family is taken care of. it seems like every place we are put some one is destined to join the church in california it was jean and lyle vadnais and in idaho it was skylar wood so we will see what happens. Kevin was involved in a murder mystery dinner fundraiser for the youth and he was great he had a good time joken around with the youth and other people in the ward but the fund raiser was a huge sucess.

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mother's out there happy mother's day here is a nice poem I found for all you mothers out there hope you enjoy it as I did: A pillar of strength, the pure meaning of love. A divine gift from our lord up above. As gentle as rain on the petals of a rose. She'll kiss away fears and hug away woes. A ctor when tending a cold or a scrap. A Chef when making cookies or frosting a cake. A Tailor, A Chauffeur, A fairy godmother at times. But never to busy for a child's nursery rhymes. A sourse of wisdom that comes from inside. A manager, A bookeeper and a private tour guide. The one that knows just what to say. when a child is having a difficult day. The maker of dreams and the setter of goals. As a pile of laundry she sits and folds. When strange noises og bump in the night. It's her loving hand that turns on the light. All things to family she feels she must be. Athough her family may not see. In our lord's kingdom the one that will fare. Is the one we call mother, no others compare. Barbara k. Cox Happy Mother's Day